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Discover Sportstex - your reliable partner for cycling, running, triathlon, activewear, mountain biking, team sports and winter sports apparel. We lead the global market by delivering exceptional quality and cutting-edge innovation. Our role as a foremost producer of functional and fitness wear is reflected in each garment featuring premium fabrics, perfect fits, and advanced technologies. Whether you're looking for club apparel, team wear, or professional athlete clothing, Sportstex provides tailored solutions. Be inspired by Europe's top producer.

Sportstex embodies quality and performance in the sports apparel industry, setting new benchmarks in design, functionality, and personalization. Offering a wide range from cycling to winter sports, we are your one-stop supplier for premium athletic wear. As a dedicated activewear apparel producer, we understand the dynamic needs of the modern athlete. Our partnerships with top athletes and universities ensure that each product is tailored for peak performances: Trust Sportstex, Europe's leading functional and fitness clothing manufacturer.


We are pleased to announce that we have updated our website!
From now on, all the services and products of Texmarket srl and Cottontex srl are available under our new umbrella brand, Sportstex.
We invite you to explore the new website and discover everything that Sportstex has to offer.