Mountain bike clothing manufacturer

Sportstex is one of Europe's leading custom mountain bike jersey manufacturers. Drawing from our extensive experience in mountain bike wear production, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Personalize existing products

As a pioneer in mountain bike clothing, we provide an extensive selection of high-quality standard items for avid mountain bikers.

Development of own products

We are the experts when it comes to the development of custom mountain bike clothing. Our approach combines traditional values with modern innovation.

Our service stands as the best testimony.

Custom mountain bike clothing development meets innovative graphic design. We combine technical expertise with aesthetic brilliance to cater perfectly to all mountain bikers' needs.

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The world of mountain biking is synonymous with quality and performance - attributes that Sportstex fully embodies and established us as a top mountain bike clothing manufacturer. We define standards within the MTB clothing industry: Our products stand out for their superior fabrics, perfect fit, and cutting-edge features.

Brands within the industry appreciate our meticulous attention to detail and the passion we pour into every range we produce. Catering to the unique requirements of freeriders, we deliver solutions that shine both in design and practicality. For unparalleled equipment, Sportstex is your go-to choice.

Sportstex is a respected cycling apparel manufacturer known for its quality and commitment to the mountain bike scene. Our team, consistently trained and brimming with passion, forms our company's core.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is consistently updated thanks to continuous investments in modern technologies. In our capacity as a manufacturer of mountain bike apparel, we foster collaborations with universities and professional athletes.

Outstanding customer service and transparent communication are as much our hallmarks as our industry-acknowledged certifications. We primarily source our fabrics from renowned producers in Italy who meet the highest quality standards. Rigorous testing in our laboratories ensures the quality of our products. Each day, we remain dedicated to upholding these standards and take great pride in being the 'Producer of Your Brand'.


We are pleased to announce that we have updated our website!
From now on, all the services and products of Texmarket srl and Cottontex srl are available under our new umbrella brand, Sportstex.
We invite you to explore the new website and discover everything that Sportstex has to offer.