Graphics service

Realizing Your Design Vision! Our dedicated graphic department, comprised of 80 skilled graphic designers, is ready to bring to life every detail of your designs. We realize your ideas with precision and creativity.


Selection of colors from Pantone

Define the color scheme for your collection using our vast selection of over 2500 colors. This extensive palette allows for accurate choices in setting the base colors for your designs.


Our graphic designers refine your color wishes using our lightbox.

Your color preferences are meticulously fine-tuned in our lightbox. Our graphic designers review and enhance the color choices to guarantee they align perfectly with your vision.

Design the pattern

Application of Design to Pattern Views

Our technical graphic artists translate your design specifications into a digital model. We position your designs over the pattern views and tailor them individually for each size.

Test print

Since each fabric has unique properties, we always rely on a test print to ensure quality.

Accuracy is paramount to us. Therefore, we produce a sample for each collection to guarantee that the colors align precisely with your expectations. Also, for team orders, we provide the option of creating a sample.

Final product

Despite the extra time involved, creating samples can often be highly valuable.

The commitment and precision put into our work are clearly reflected in the final product. Whether it's a salesman sample or a pattern - the result of our detailed graphic efforts will undoubtedly impress you.

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Sportstex is synonymous with high-quality textile designs that consider every detail. Our dedicated team of experts realizes your vision down to the last detail, from choosing the exact colors from a palette of over 2500 Pantone colors to the meticulous application of designs to patterns. We prefer an individual approach for each project as we understand that each fabric has unique properties. To ensure quality and design accuracy, we rely on test printing, which is indispensable despite the additional effort. The lightbox plays a central role in our process, where graphic designers refine color choices to ensure that each final product meets your expectations. Sportstex combines expertise and passion to provide the best textile graphic solutions.

Pantone colors in textile printing: the magic of the Coated Palette

In textile printing, color precision is crucial; and Pantone stands as the gold standard for it. Pantone's Coated Palette offers an impressive range of rich, vibrant colors optimized for glossy or coated materials, ensuring that designers and printers consistently hit the exact hue without losing intensity or clarity. With its Coated Palette, Pantone has become an essential tool for anyone aiming for perfection in textile printing. It enables consistent color translation from design to the final product. Pantone's Coated Palette in textile printing is unmatched regarding color accuracy, brightness, and durability. Delve into this world of colors and experience the quality and precision that only Pantone can offer.


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From now on, all the services and products of Texmarket srl and Cottontex srl are available under our new umbrella brand, Sportstex.
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