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Unmatched Product Development at Sportstex

At Sportstex, it's not just about the final product but the entire journey to get there. From the detailed creation of a bill of materials to pattern development using Lectra Modaris, every step in our product development signifies perfection. We rely on our internal expertise and collaborate closely with top-notch suppliers for accessories, colors, and fabrics, ensuring superior quality and optimal results. But what good is a beautiful product if it doesn't fit perfectly? Thanks to our Alvanon mannequins, we guarantee an excellent fit, and we go even further: our sports apparel is tested under real conditions, ensuring that it's not just visually appealing but also functionally outstanding. For teams, we also offer highly detailed design visualization with 3D avatars, giving a realistic preview of the final product.

Highest Standards in Textile Printing at Sportstex

Textile printing is about more than just transferring color onto fabric - it's about precision, clarity, and the ability to bring a designer's vision to life accurately. At Sportstex, we understand this and utilize the finest technologies and tools on the market. While color accuracy is achieved through proven methods like the use of selected palettes, our profound understanding of fabrics and their characteristics is what sets us apart. Employing advanced techniques such as sample printing and using a lightbox for color refinement, we ensure that each design is accurately and vividly brought to life. This blend of craftsmanship, technology, and passion makes Sportstex a leader in textile printing. With us, customers get more than just a product; they receive a piece of art that meets the highest quality standards.


We are pleased to announce that we have updated our website!
From now on, all the services and products of Texmarket srl and Cottontex srl are available under our new umbrella brand, Sportstex.
We invite you to explore the new website and discover everything that Sportstex has to offer.