Sportswear product development

Sportstex is redefining sportswear product development, focusing on the highest quality and optimized fit for elite athletes.

Selection of trims

Selection of premium materials and trims

We greatly emphasize quality and partnership in sportswear product development. We work closely with renowned European and global suppliers for accessories, colors, and fabrics. In our show rooms, we showcase the latest collections from various partners to select the optimal components for each product together with our customers.


Pattern development with Lectra Modaris

Our team of 12 pattern developers employs the advanced Lectra Modaris pattern software. With their extensive experience in the sports apparel industry, they ensure the highest precision and fit accuracy in developing clothing products.


Fit optimization with Alvanon Mannequins

We utilize Alvanon's standard mannequins for both men and women to ensure our products have the ideal fit. Additionally, we can use custom mannequins for specific requirements in the fitting process.

Action Fitting

Practical fitting sessions in real-life conditions.

Especially in cycling and triathlon, it's critical that the sportswear performs under real conditions. Therefore, we test our products directly on athletes during their activities to optimally align the technical development of our apparel.

Size Set

Development of differentiated size sets

Once the base size is established, our focus shifts to developing an array of sizes and to produce samples for our sales staff in the shortest possible time.

3D Avatar

3D visualization for team orders

We provide custom 3D models for design visualization for products intended for team orders, allowing us to preview the final product and significantly simplifying the sportswear product development process.

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At Sportstex, the focus is on the technical development of clothing. From bill of materials design to pattern development with Lectra Modaris and action fitting, our processes are comprehensive and well-considered. We collaborate closely with renowned suppliers for accessories, colors, and fabrics. Our Alvanon mannequins ensure an optimal fit. Whether for cycling or triathlon, our apparel is tested under real conditions. Additionally, we provide precise design visualization with 3D avatars for team orders.

At Sportstex, custom sportswear product development has reached new heights. Our collaborations with globally recognized suppliers ensure quality in every fabric choice. Using Lectra Modaris, we create cuts that fit perfectly. Alvanon mannequins help us optimize fit for both men and women. Action fitting ensures that our sportswear performs under real conditions. Our innovative 3D avatars are revolutionizing visualization in team apparel, offering customers a realistic view of their orders.


We are pleased to announce that we have updated our website!
From now on, all the services and products of Texmarket srl and Cottontex srl are available under our new umbrella brand, Sportstex.
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