Personalised teamwear

Discover our comprehensive solutions, perfect for those looking to print personalized teamwear. As a leading teamwear manufacturer, we provide end-to-end support sustained by an innovative customer platform. Each year, we produce club clothing for over 20,000 teams.

Selection of designs and logos

Sublimation expertise: From vibrant design to logo vectorization.

Go with the flow by opting for sublimation. Our proficiency in club and teamwear enables us to animate playful designs, produce dynamic color transitions, and handle intricate patterns. Whether it's vectorizing logos or tailoring designs for a broad spectrum of products, we stand as your ideal partner.

Order Management System

Online workflow speeds up ordering processes.

Maximize your efficiency with our tailored online workflow system. It outpaces traditional ordering methods, speeding up the process by more than 50%. Bid farewell to delays and bottlenecks in orders and welcome a smooth and seamless ordering experience.

Design coordination

Development & Confirmation of Designs

Prior to production, customers approve the final designs and patterns for each size. For a more accurate visualization, we additionally provide the option of creating 3D designs.

Stock service

Complete service support for club apparel in just 3-6 weeks

Our services go beyond the mere printing of personalized teamwear. We handle everything from trims and fabrics to pre-cut components and even offer you reserved production slots (upon request). This comprehensive approach allows us to achieve swift production timelines ranging from 3 to 6 weeks.

Direct delivery

Fast, reliable deliveries from Romania directly to the customer or to a logistics center

Thanks to our strategic positioning in Romania, we facilitate swift and efficient deliveries. We streamline the process by delivering to the end customer directly or a designated logistics center, thus reducing intermediary stops and speeding up delivery. This approach translates to reduced wait times, improved reliability in deliveries, and a smoother goods flow, all of which contribute to strengthening your customer relations.

Selection of standard products

Quality standard products for the most commonly practiced sports

We offer not only a tailored service for personalized teamwear printing but also a carefully selected range of standard, promptly available products covering the most popular sports in Europe. What is the advantage for you? Thanks to our immediately available products, you can quickly respond to market demands while being assured that you are benefiting from the proven quality of a leading teamwear manufacturer.

You can find more services here.

Professional Printing for Club Clothing

Are you looking for a dependable partner specializing in printing club apparel? As a distinguished team sportswear manufacturer, we offer more than just printing services; we provide a comprehensive service experience. Our sophisticated sublimation technology enables us to create vibrant, true-to-design prints, from dynamic color gradients to precise logo vectorization. Our efficient processes, backed by our OMS (Order Management System), ensure swift order processing. Trust in our expertise: Annually, we produce custom team clothing for over 20,000 teams.

Producing Quality-Conscious Club Apparel

Considering having personalised teamwear produced? You've come to the right place. As seasoned teamwear manufacturers, we offer much more than just printing services. We guide you from the initial design and logo selection all the way to the final delivery. Our direct shipping from Romania ensures fast and efficient delivery. We use cutting-edge techniques like 3D designs and advanced systems such as our OMS to provide you with maximum efficiency. Choose us and benefit from a wide range of standard products covering the most popular sports in Europe. Experience a smooth production and delivery process for your club and team clothing with us.


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