Sustainable fabrics

As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, our commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in our textiles, several of which are certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification reflects our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact and producing quality products that are eco-friendly.

It validates that our fabrics contain a significant amount of recycled materials, demonstrating our dedication to reducing reliance on natural resources and combating the environmental issue of plastic waste.

This certification is the culmination of years of effort to minimize the environmental impact of our production and to embed sustainability as a core aspect of our company philosophy.

Manufacturing Recycled Fabrics

To produce recycled fabrics, we first process consumer waste, like PET plastic bottles, into small pieces at our recycling facilities. These fragments are then cleaned, melted, and extruded under pressure to form the desired shape. This process yields yarn, which is subsequently turned into fabric used to make products such as cycling jerseys and running shirts from recycled plastic bottles.

Benefits of GRS-Certified Fabrics

GRS certification brings several advantages, both for the environment and consumers:

  • Reduced Ecological Footprints: Using recycled materials helps decrease the demand for new natural resources and lowers the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals.

  • Less Environmental Impact: Generally, the production of recycled textiles has a lower ecological impact compared to fabrics made from new raw materials.

  • Meeting Consumer Expectations: There's a growing demand for sustainable products, and GRS-certified fabrics meet this increasing need.

  • High Quality and Durability: Despite using recycled materials, our fabrics maintain the quality and durability that customers expect from our products.

Our Continued Commitment

While the GRS certification marks a significant step in our sustainability journey, we don't plan to stop here. We'll continue exploring new ways to improve the environmental impact of our production and adopt increasingly sustainable practices. We're committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that respect the environment and offer a responsible choice for those seeking sustainable textiles.


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